SVG Talent Architects

Ambition Institute

"Mandy is one of the most impressive people management experts I have worked with. She really understands the need to place the quality of professional support and experience that employees have a right to at the heart of all that she does. Her ability to weave the talent matrix into her strategic thinking is as good as I have seen"

- Sir David Carter
, Ambition Institute

Pioneer Educational Trust

"“Mandy is without doubt incredibly knowledgeable, strategic and thorough. We recently engaged her as a consultant to support us in developing our people strategy and approach to flexible working, and Mandy delivered exactly what we needed. She provided a listening ear, precise and clear feedback, and a range of cohesive strategies for moving forward. I would recommend Mandy to any school or MAT looking to hone its operational management, in particular in relation to HR. She is a pleasure to work with and the impact has been palpable.”"

- Antonia Spinks
Co-CEO, Pioneer Educational Trust

Oasis Charitable Trust

"Mandy’s experience at senior levels of working with individual schools on a wide range of people and HR issues, together with her understanding of how MATs and Local Authorities operate, make her a very valued figure in the Education Sector. Her commitment to and expertise in Diversity and Inclusion only adds to the richness she brings. I am looking forward to the progress we will make in this area with Mandy’s support. In addition, Oasis has already really benefited from her leadership coaching which has contributed significantly to the maturing of our structures and our People Team has valued her input and wisdom on the important matter of flexible working in schools. "

- Joy Madeiros
Global CEO, Oasis Charitable Trust

Dixons Academies Trust

"I met Mandy at a conference after reading her book Talent Architects. After writing an ambitious 3 year people plan I contacted her on the off-chance that she could give me some advice and let me know if I was on the right track. Mandy was incredibly helpful and totally practical as well as really encouraging. We have kept in touch and I still contact her every so often for a sanity check. Her knowledge and moral purpose are undoubtable and she is so approachable. I would recommend anyone who is looking at talent to work with her. If you are not looking at talent, the question I would ask is why not and have you read Talent Architects?"

- Shirley Watson
Executive Director and Chief Talent Officer, Dixons Academies Trust

Timewise Foundation

"Mandy has worked with Timewise on several initiatives to support Multi Academy Trusts to enhance flexible working in schools. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for driving cultural, leadership and organisational change and is both a strategic thinker and excellent facilitator and trainer. Feedback from all stakeholders has always been very positive and she is a pleasure to work with."

- Emma Stewart OBE
CEO, Timewise Foundation

Odyssey Trust for Education

"The Odyssey Trust for Education contracted Mandy Coalter and Talent Architects to help us define our People Strategy. This was based in part on the excellent book and our initial discussion with Mandy. It was apparent that not only did she “know her stuff” built on direct and extensive experience but also that she had the development of people at the heart of her work. This resonated with the Trust which viewed the People Strategy as central to capacity building and school improvement. The Trust was still in its infancy and so Mandy’s work was instrumental in helping us to shape our strategy and communicate our vision. Mandy listened to staff, gathering a detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses of our schools, and reported to Trustees in a clear and helpful manner. We continue to work with Mandy and Talent Architects and believe this to be one of our most significant investments as a growing Trust. "

- Desmond Deehan
CEO/Executive Headteacher, Odyssey Trust for Education

Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust

"We are incredibly proud of our Trust and what we stand for and have grown significantly, but the time was right to develop a clear vision and joined up approach to our people strategy and give real clarity around why our Trust is a great place to work and be educated. Mandy’s support has been really invaluable in helping us develop a clear and consistent strategy that has been created through wide ranging feedback from existing staff. It has made us really think about how we communicate more effectively as a trust and making our staff and future staff feel part of an exciting, value driven community. Mandy is fantastic to work with, she really gets our sector and understands the day to day challenges. I cannot recommend her highly enough "

- Moira Marder
Chief Executive, Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust

Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust

"The strategic support and challenge offered by Mandy has been instrumental in moving the Trust from a HR set of priorities to a full People strategy; one that is authentically and analytically based on the feedback, views, wants and needs of our staff. The high level of expertise and knowledge that comes from the experience of Talent Architects means that we are now quickly becoming the Employer of choice within our region and are truly deepening the entitlement and improving the experience of the people who are at the heart of the work we do."

- Dan Morrow
Trust Leader, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust

Wycombe Abbey

"Talent Architects undertook a strategic review of our HR function, assessing the current situation and making recommendations with a clear action plan to help us to deliver on our strategic ambitions. Mandy’s impressive knowledge and experience of both HR and schools was evident throughout the process. She spoke to a wide range of people, listened carefully to feedback and presented us with a well-written report which was shared with the Executive Leadership Team and the Governing Body. It was a pleasure to work with Mandy and I have no hesitation in recommending Talent Architects to other schools or organisations who are looking for assistance as they make decisions about any aspect of their people strategy. "

- Jo Duncan, Headmistress
Headmistress, Wycombe Abbey


"Talent Architects has provided incisive insight into our current HR strategy which has provided us with clear next steps towards developing our people strategy and Charterhouse becoming an even greater place to work. Mandy has approached the project with sensitivity and great expertise and given us real impetus and fresh thinking in areas such as staff workload and wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, leadership, professional culture and continuous development."

- Dr Alex Peterken
Head, Charterhouse

REAch2 Academy Trust

"We commissioned Mandy Coalter of Talent Architects to undertake a review of the Training and Development function at REAch2 Academy Trust in Summer 2021. Mandy was very thorough, professional and relational and worked well with the Team. Mandy made some really useful recommendations and as a result some of these have been implemented at REAch2. Thanks Mandy for helping us to have clear path for our Training and Development arm of the organisation. "

- Cathie Paine
Chief Executive, REAch2 Academy Trust